Chairman of the Board Message


       Why the National Gypsum Company?
       Because the name : the National Gypsum Company indicates ingenuity.
       It is one of the pioneer joint stock Saudi companies, a 100% Saudi company
       incorporated by a royal decree in 1378 with a motto that says “Development –
       Progress – Prosperity”, inventing new ways of manufacture for gypsum industry.
      This company had and still has the honor of being one of the major supports of
       the national industry sector. The present board of directors as well as the previous
       boards took upon themselves to continue developing the gypsum industry introducing every new method of manufacture. The company had the honor of covering the kingdom’s needs of gypsum and its derivatives and exporting the excess production to the Arabian Gulf Countries. The company was the only company in the region to manufacture gypsum and its derivatives, e.g. agricultural gypsum to treat alkaline soil, machine sprinkled gypsum for inside wall covering, and sprinkling powder for outdoor walls.
The gypsum industry was introduced in the kingdom in the beginning of the real estate boom in 1967, in cooperation with the biggest international specialized companies from Italy, Switzerland. In order to cope up with the real estate boom in the kingdom, which had the biggest effect on adding a touch of beauty to the palaces, the villas and the buildings in general.
Due to the company’s keenness on the continuous development of real estate world in the kingdom, the decision to introduce the gypsum boards industry in agreement with a major German international company for the purpose of producing gypsum walls according to the international specifications and the Saudi standards. 
The first gypsum walls appeared in the beginning of the year 1985 in the company factories in Riyadh, with a production capacity of 6 million cubic meters per year producing various types of them.

We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Their Royal Highnesses the prices and businessmen who were members of the Board of directors before for the faithful efforts they exerted for the interest of the company until it reached a place among the top companies, needless to say that those accomplishments occurred only because of the stable and secure environment we enjoy in our beloved Kingdom.
God is the source of success.
“Say to them: work! And your work will be seen by God, His messenger and the believers”    
                                                                 The chairman of the board of directors