Gypsum Boards: "Plaster Boards"
the National Gypsum Co. has the honor to introduce such industry into the Kingdom for more than twenty-eight years ago, ie in 1985 AD practicing the policy of the company in introducing all what is new in the gypsum industry to continue as one of the main pillars in the architectural, great renaissance which our country witnesses.

Such boards are primarily consisting of gypsum as they wrapped with a special kind of cardboard. Gypsum boards are characterized by being easy to install and disperse, and by the low cost of construction in comparison with traditional construction methods. Many kinds of gypsum boards are produced to be used in the cladding concrete walls and as breakers in buildings. They are produced according to the international German standards and compatible to U.S. and English specifications and Saudi Arabia standards.

Consists of an aerated Gypsum core encased in specially prepared durable paper liners. It has one Ivory colored surface for direct decoration and one of a core of Gypsum intermixed with a Silicon and for F + M and Fiberglass based compound encased in specially prepared durable water repellent Green paper.


1-  Regular GKB.
2-   Fire Resistant GKF.
3-   Moisture Resistant GKBI.
4-   Fire & Moisture Resistant GKFI.
5-   Boards laminated with Lead Sheet.

Plasterboards are manufactured according to German Specification DIN 18 180 which complies with ASTM C-36 requirements. Concerning fire resistance according to DIN 4102, UL 263, ASTM-E119-88.
All Types of Boards 100 % Natural Gypsum are produced with following specification:
Width : 1,200 - 1,220 mm
Length : 1,800 - 4,000 mm
Edge : Tapered, Squared, and Beveled.

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