Gypsum Powder

The company has taken the responsibility to introduce all what is new in the industry of gypsum and its derivatives in line with global developments in Building Materials Industry, as well as keeping up with industrial and urban renaissance in the Kingdom, thus it has been thought of the following:                                                                                                                                            

 The industry, "gypsum decorations" for the first time in the Kingdom for more than forty years to be produced by the latest methods and technology.                                                        

Also, the development of the industry of gypsum and its products as the company currently has several factories for the manufacture of gypsum and its products in Riyadh, Dammam, and Yanbu, "Royal Commission" at the highest level of technology to produce many kinds of gypsum products, which are:                                                                                                                                       

Plastering Gypsum "ordinary gypsum":

This is used in interior plastering for all walls and ceilings and is characterized by its whiteness, thermal insulation Moisture-proof, and fire-resistance. It is used in the production and installation of all gypsum decorations.

Sprinkling Powder:-                                                          

Contains crystals of raw gypsum and used in painting walls from inside and outside. It is distinguished from the other similar materials by its whiteness, the adhesion and drought property, the need for less amount of cement, and being resistant to rain and moisture.                                          

Spraying machine Gypsum:
It is used as a mono "one" gypsum layer sprayed on the walls and ceilings from the outside by a special machine in line with latest modern plastering techniques. It is characterized by its high-strength adhesion, lightweight, thermal insulation, and fire-resistance.

Adhesive Gypsum:
This product is used in plastering gypsum panels on the concrete walls and plastering all kinds of gypsum decorations, Polystyrene panels, and mineral fiber panels on the walls.


Agricultural Gypsum:
Agricultural gypsum is used to improve soil properties and to treat harmful salts and alkalis in the soil. It is characterized by being inexpensive and easy to use as well as its lower negative effects on the environment arising from its use compared to the other chemicals used to improve the properties of farmlands.

New Gypsum Products:                                           
God willing, the Company will soon launch in the markets new products manufactured at the highest level of quality and technology reached by the gypsum manufacture in the world. Such products are "gypsum ceramics - Medical Gypsum - Glue Gypsum - molding Gypsum - hard Gypsum for facades – fast-plastering Gypsum - and high-resistance Gypsum"

the company represented in its honorable Board of Directors and employees does not spare any effort to develop gypsum industry and to introduce all the newness at the latest world standard to be truly one of the pillars of the tremendous architectural renaissance in our beloved country, supporting and keeping up step by step to this blessed Renaissance under the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, supported by Allah and the Crown Prince and the honored citizens to confirm the continuity of the vision and the objective for which the company has been established.


God Gives Success,,,,